It is from the Piton de la Fournaise (2,632 m), the most visited place in Reunion Island, that comes the nickname of "intense island". A visit to the volcano is exciting for many reasons: the setting, which is totally unusual, bears witness to the island's geological formation. We walk on rocks that are 500,000 years old as well as rocks that are only a few months old! Those fortunate enough to witness an eruption cannot find words to tell the story, photographers crawl as close as possible to the lava to steal a shot. Even without the eruption, the beauty of the place, at sunrise or sunset, is breathtaking. The hues of the ground, brown, orange, pink, violet, sometimes shimmering like an oil slick, blend with those of the sky.

Access to the Piton de la Fournaise is from Bourg-Murat. Before or after the walk to the volcano, don't hesitate to stop at the Maison du Volcano, the museum dedicated to the Furnace, which you will recognize thanks to its pyramidal architecture when you arrive in Bourg-Murat.

Then you have to take the Volcano Road. 24 km long, it crosses superb, varied landscapes, with the false airs of planet Mars (where some film scenes were shot there: you will understand!), and finishes at the foot of Bellecombe (2 311 m), where you leave your car to admire the magnificent panorama of the Fouqué enclosure and the volcano. We will then have to continue the volcanic journey on foot.

Attention: the weather is often overcast at the volcano, take this into account if you don't want to make the trip for nothing. It is best to arrive early in the morning (before 10am) and try to travel during the austral winter, this is the best period.

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