Marc Chagall's entire life (1997-1985) is marked by an absolute and endless search for freedom. From the beginning, it irrigated his work impregnated by the Hasidic Jewish culture of his family and the Russian culture.
He left his native country for good in 1922, thus becoming one of the first migrants of the 20th century. His work will live on through his travels in France, the Middle East and Palestine. He delivers the memories of his history, deepens his research and masterfully illustrates the Bible. Naturalized French in 1937, Marc Chagall faced the Second World War and had to leave his adopted country to preserve his freedom. He will always offer us a message of hope. In the United States and then back in France, he gave free rein to a renewed creation and deepened his research in various fields including sculpture.
Marc Chagall always leads us, faithful and generous, to follow him, from one shore to the other...
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