After a short winter head, that's it, the Auvergne Animal Park is once again open to the public, who have the pleasure of being able to wander the alleys along which they take the time to contemplate the different residents. The space has been created so that the animals can flourish and feel at home. Species found in the park include giraffes, rabbits, camels, lions, lynx and Canadian wolves. That is, the site is also home to animals that are threatened without their natural environment. In 2020, new species to be discovered include the three-banded armadillo, the American porcupine and the two-toed sloth. The month of July will also see the opening of a restaurant with an animal enclosure! To take advantage of all these new features, go to Ardes-sur-Couze. More information on the website of the Auvergne Animal Park.