Population: 163,936 inhabitants.

Altitude: 3,090 m.

Huaraz, 420 km away from Lima, is the capital of the department of Ancash. Destroyed almost entirely by the 1970 earthquake (80,000 deaths in the region), the city continues to heal its wounds and rebuild, without regaining its former colonial beauty of narrow streets and casonas. Wide avenues cross it, cut off from often unpaved streets, many modern and concrete buildings. It is not its disappeared face that stops the visitor, but its unique natural setting, in the heart of the Cordillera Blanca, which continues to show off its finery. In July-August, Huaraz is a buzzing beehive dispensing its sweet benefits to an ever-increasing number of visitors.

The city lives to the rhythm of a full calendar of fiestas, including the Carnival in February, the Fiesta del Señor de la Soledad at the beginning of May, the Festival del Andinismo (mountain sports competition) at the end of June and the Aniversario de Huaraz on July 25, shortly before the National Independence Day on July 28. From Huaraz there are all kinds of excursions on foot, mountain bike or climbing. Leave with a trusted agency, the paths are demanding.

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