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10 cities in Europe where to retire

For some people, retirement is the perfect time to change their life and fly to new horizons. What if it was the opportunity to move to a city in another European country? The Old Continent is full of cities where life is good, with capitals on a human scale, sunny cities along the sea and others where the cost of real estate and life in general remains accessible. You too, have a craving for change since your early retirement and wish to move to another city in Europe? Here are 10 cities that could quickly make you want to start the process and pack your bags

1- Seville, the Spanish way of life

The cost of living in Spain is slightly lower than in France. The other great advantage of going beyond the Pyrenees to live your retirement is to settle in a country known for its sunshine, especially when you decide to go to Andalusia and the beautiful city of Seville. The city has quality infrastructures where you can get medical care and offers an ideal setting to live a peaceful life on a daily basis. Its architecture is magnificent with the Alcazar and the majestic Plaza de España. We dive into the heart of the Andalusian culture by going to stroll in the district of Santa Cruz, where we stop gladly to have a drink in the shade of a tree or to test the local gastronomy. You can also discover the flamenco culture, so typical and fascinating. Finally, when the sunny days arrive, only a hundred kilometers separate us from the beaches of the coast.

2- Porto, the sweetness of Portugal

It is no secret that Portugal attracts many French retirees. They decide to go there for its attractive tax system, but also for its mild climate and lower cost of living. Porto, famous for its bridges crossing the Douro River, is a magnificent city with a multitude of religious monuments, one of the most beautiful train stations in the world with its azulejos and the unavoidable Ribeira district, with its colorful alleys located on the river. A retreat in Oporto can only be a good one, with a tasty gastronomy, cruises on the Douro and the presence of the WOW Oporto worship place, which, in Vila Nova de Guia, offers a multitude of experiences around the Port wine

3- Brussels, queen of capitals on a human scale

As in all the countries of the European Union, it is quite simple for retirees to settle in Belgium. Real estate is less expensive than in France and for people who want to keep the dynamism of a capital city, Brussels is a small paradise. Even if the climate is regularly capricious in Belgium, the capital remains a city where it is good to stroll, with a multitude of animated districts. You don't have to worry about giving up your car either, everything has been put in place in Brussels to allow you to travel by bike without worrying. Retirees also have time to discover the permanent and temporary exhibitions of its many museums, with highlights such as the Magritte Museum and the Royal Museum of Fine Arts. And since Belgium is a small country, it is easy and quick for seniors to visit other beautiful Belgian cities like Bruges, Ghent or Wavre.

4- Chania, under the sun of Crete

Greece and its islands have an efficient health care system. Since 2020, the country offers a reduced tax rate for foreign retirees. Crete is an island appreciated for its mild climate and breathtakingly beautiful landscapes. Chania has a charming Venetian port where locals and visitors alike love to stroll. All around, the old town is a mosaic of small streets lined with stores and cafes. Seniors take advantage of their time to go to the museum, to visit the religious buildings, among which the Venetian church of San Salvador, the Hassan Pacha mosque and the Etz Hayyim synagogue. And then, as soon as spring comes, the favorite activity of retirees is of course the beach, with beautiful stretches of sand like Eastern Gulf and Agii Apostoli

5- Bari, the Italian dolce vita

Italy attracts many retirees who choose a country where culture, heritage, gastronomic and wine pleasures offer sweet moments. There is so much to discover that it can be difficult to find the ideal place to spend your retirement. But for those who want to make friends with the locals and enjoy a warm welcome, it is advisable to settle in the south of the country, in Puglia. Moreover, the cost of living is lower than in other major Italian regions. The capital, Bari, is a city of great charm, especially its historic center. At noon, you can enjoy a gastronomy with fish, pasta and olive oil; in the afternoon, you can go to the beach to breathe the sea air; in the evening, you can attend a show at the Petruzzelli theater, before recovering from your emotions by taking a walk along the Lungomare seafront

6- Dubrovnik, the charms of the Croatian coast

If learning Croatian can be tedious, retirement on the Adriatic coast of the country allows you to take advantage of a Mediterranean type of climate, and therefore mild all year round. The cost of living is lower in Croatia and the health care system is more than adequate. Moving to a city like Dubrovnik, you can enjoy the beauty of an enclave loaded with historical monuments on the sea. Reaching Mount Srđ and its fort, seniors then enjoy a view that will make them realize that they have made the right choice to spend happy days. The view of the orange roofs of the city and the island of Lokrum and those of the Elaphites is splendid. Moreover, the beautiful days will be the occasion to visit these islands and to settle at the beach. In other words, to live the good life.

7- Galway, the "Eire-dorado

Who says that all retirees want to head for a sunny destination once they've turned the page on work? Ireland ranks among the countries with a rather attractive tax system. The population is also known for its friendliness. In the west of Ireland, Galway is a peaceful city with a magnificent medieval center and colorful streets. You feel at home right away and when the evening comes, senior citizens simply enjoy life by sitting on the terrace of a pub. Once you cross the river, you reach the old fishing village of Claddagh, which still keeps its traditions alive. When you retire, Ireland is a land of choice for hikers at heart. You can hike through beautiful natural areas such as Connemara National Park. Salthill, along the coastline, offers another pleasant setting to recharge the lungs with fresh air

8- Paphos, a Cypriot retirement

The financial conditions to be met to settle in Cyprus for retirement remain accessible. Moreover, the health situation is at the level of the European Union standards. Cyprus is an island in the eastern Mediterranean that is sure to satisfy sun and sea lovers. In Paphos, heritage and history lovers are delighted, with the presence of places such as the archaeological park of Kato Pathos and the tombs of the kings, a necropolis built in the 3rd century BC. Senior citizens also enjoy the atmosphere of a seaside resort, going shopping in the old town before settling on the surrounding beaches on the hottest days. Paphos certainly fills up in the summer, but it is also an opportunity for seniors to go to the more remote corners of the rest of the island, which are full of wonders.

9- Sofia, the advantages of Bulgaria

The number of retirees wishing to move to Bulgaria is constantly increasing. Many Europeans have the opportunity to double their purchasing power, with a cost of living among the most interesting. The capital, Sofia, offers a wealth of architecture, with buildings such as the former residence of the communist dictator Todor Živkov, the church of Saint Sophia and the cathedral of Saint Alexander Nevsky. It is also a city with a dynamic cultural life where senior citizens are not bored. The park of the Vrana Palace offers a green setting for a few moments in the green. Other advantages of Sofia as a place to retire include the possibility to go skiing in the nearby Vitocha mountain range in winter and to go fishing and boating on the artificial lake of Pancharevo in summer.

10- Valletta, the joys of the Mediterranean climate

Malta is one of the countries with one of the best quality of life in the world. 300 days of sunshine per year, the sea, the heritage, the kindness of the Maltese who speak fluent English, all good reasons to move to this territory when you retire. The health care system is also renowned. In Valletta, the city fascinates first of all the lovers of architecture with monuments like the co-cathedral of Saint John, the Casa Rocca Piccola and the Manoel theater. It's simple, there's something beautiful to see on almost every corner! Retirees also have the Upper Barrakka Gardens and Lower Barraka Gardens to relax in the green. They enjoy the pleasures of a life under the Mediterranean sun, and from Malta to Gozo, the beaches with their translucent waters are a constant invitation to relax and enjoy every moment that is offered

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