Altitude: 2,108 m. Population: 120,000. Distance from Addis Ababa: 340 km.

Linked by a new asphalt road, the capital of the Welega is nothing more than a big town that stretches around the main square where the red star, symbol of the Marxist Derg regime, is still enthroned, which no one has thought of unblocking. The Oromo identity, very marked here, finds its expression in a museum dedicated to the culture of this people who constitute the majority of the Ethiopian population. And for good reason, in the mid-19th century the city was the Oromo capital of the Wolega Empire, of which King Bekere Modana and his son Moroda Bekere were monarchs. They submitted to the emperor Menelik during the conquest of the region in 1880. In addition to the Thursday and Saturday markets, this museum is the city's major attraction. It is a major economic centre in this agricultural and forest region, with gold, platinum, copper, iron and lead mines in its area that make up its wealth.

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