Altitude: 2,100 m. Population: 100,000. Distance from Addis Ababa: 130 km. The city of Ambo is famous for its mineral-rich sparkling mineral water, the most consumed in the country, and its red stone quarries which are much sought-after in construction. In the centre of this town, the thermal water of the village bottled here since 1930 is also exploited in modest thermal baths. But the real interest of the town lies in the starting point it provides for an excursion to the Wenchi Crater.

Warning. The recent Oromo revolts (2016) partly took place in Ambo, notably at the University. Since then, the Oromo cause has evolved and the situation has calmed down, a peace conference was even held in January 2019 in Ambo where the leader of the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) signed a reconciliation pact. Nevertheless, Ethiopia is stabilizing on still hot embers, so if you decide to go there, find out beforehand about the situation in the region.

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