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Plate millesim 2022

In the west of Piazza, this district, considered to be the largest open-air market in Africa, presents a succession of shops, large covered spaces and small grouillantes alleys of activities. This vast merchant space dominated by Muslim traders, particularly Yemeni traders, is a sort of bazaar where everything sells, negotiates and recycles. Every profession has its defined area. The market for butter and spices is an enchantment of colours and aromatic scents in which it is good to walk. Traditional clothing, beautiful vanneries and various local crafts are also available. Do not hesitate to negotiate hard prices and change shop if the trader is too rigid: there is the choice.

The Mercato is known to be the stronghold of a host of young pickpockets and other Gatherers of all kinds. A classic technique is to up a tourist without reason to create confusion during which buddies, threatening to interfere, blithely do their victim's pockets.

It is therefore preferable not to respond to provocations and to be accompanied by an Irenees that may exclude professional rabatteurs and other fête. To keep the spirit free by strolling in this colourful neighborhood, at the limit of congestion on Saturday, we advise you to go the most simple dressed and without much in your pockets.

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Value for money
Visited in march 2019
Value for money
Très bonne visite. Ce marché est immense et surprenant. J'y suis allé plusieurs fois même si j'ai subi une tentative de vol sur place. Le tout est d'ouvrir l’œil, surtout si vous n’êtes pas accompagné par un "guide".

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Value for money

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