Close to Istanbul, surrounded by forests, located on the shores of the fiery Black Sea, the village of Ağva, founded between two small rivers, is the ideal place for weekends. It is located 40 km from Şile and 101 km from Istanbul. This name means "village between two streams". Created around the small delta formed by two rivers that have their source on the Cal hill near Izmit (the Göksu and the Yeşilçay), this small village has a very rich ecological environment. A natural beach, pristine coves, small islands, and forests blending with the sea make the place an unspoilt nature and pure, invigorating air. There are also some interesting caves in the vicinity, including those of Gürlek and Inkese, which, according to legend, served as a refuge for the first Christians fleeing from Roman paganism. It is possible to practice canoeing, kayaking, pedal boats, jogging, hiking and hunting. Ağva lends itself to walking or running in the forest, mountain biking and camping, and the coolness of the vigorous waters of the Black Sea is ideal in summer. An important hunting area, the region is rich in turtles, gazelles, wolves, jackals, wild boars, foxes, squirrels, and is also home to many species of game birds. Avoid the region at weekends or during national holidays, which is absolutely overcrowded with Stambouliotes in need of nature.

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