This village of 710 souls is located at an altitude of 875 m and stretches over a long green granite plateau. You can reach it by the four-lane road (direction Saint-Etienne) or by taking the Loire Valley road. This route is much preferable. A small winding road will take you through the brooms from the village of Perdeyre. It's narrow, but the view is beautiful. A few decades ago, this commune was still called Saint-Quentin-Chaspinhac because under the Ancien Régime, this territory was divided into two parishes, Saint-Quentin and Chaspinhac. The lords of Saint-Quentin were powerful, but of this prestigious past, only the remains of a ruined village remain, which one nevertheless visits with happiness. At the entrance of the village you can admire the cross of the Paravent, which dates from the 16th century. In the centre of the village, a small Romanesque church of the 12th century awaits you, the church of Saint-Julien. The two side chapels were added later and occupy the usual place of the transepts. Finally, the Place des Granges, with its fountain and its common oven will give you a good idea of a typical village of the Haute-Loire.

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