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Dénichez dès à présent un restaurant à Singapour City


Ne vous rendez pas à Singapour City (Singapour), sans y goûter quelques plats, éventuellement un restaurant dans un premier temps ? Mais l'ensemble des établissements de ce type ne se valent pas : vous devrez alors faire le tri entre les vrais bons restaurants, et les établissements moins qualitatifs. Pour être certain de passer un bon moment, il est préférable d'être renseigné au moment de se procurer un restaurant. Laissez-vous guider : les établissements les plus populaires figurent sur notre plateforme, à consulter à chaque fois que vous le souhaiterez pour vos sorties à Singapour City. Découvrez la gastronomie de Singapour City en savourant un bon petit plat, au sein d' un restaurant au savoir-faire éprouvé, de quoi vous offrir un souvenir supplémentaire au sein de votre visite. Décor ou atmosphère globale, l'ambiance est un élément qui sera passé en revue par notre site. Vous disposerez des informations utiles pour chaque restaurant : site web, adresse ou réseaux sociaux sont systématiquement renseignés. Singapour City vous fait plaisir en matière de gastronomie avec 186 restaurants, 1 crêperies et 3 restaurants italiens et pizzerias, à votre disposition. La plupart des restaurants vous donneront le pouvoir de réserver une table directement en ligne via notre site. Menus, plats proposés, prix, vous saurez tout le nécessaire pour passer un bon moment. Nos commentaires vous éclaireront à propos de la satisfaction globale des personnes ayant mangé à cette adresse, ce qui vous aidera à ne pas vous tromper. Votre avis nous intéresse ! N'hésitez pas contribuer vous aussi à notre communauté en donnant une note pour guider les autres internautes. Si vous avez l'opportunité de visiter Singapour City () vous y trouverez de beaux endroits à visiter expliquant la recrudescence de restaurants.

Restaurants Singapore City : 186 Results

Practical information : Eating out Singapore City


Singapore enjoys a summer climate all year round, so restaurant hours do not vary with the seasons. They open on average from 11am to 3pm for lunch and from 7pm to 11pm for dinner. Be prepared to wait for a table at night-time food courts such as Gluttons Bay or Law pa Sat, which are very popular with Singaporeans.

For lovers of good food, some restaurants like Odette ( or Tippling Club ( require a reservation, sometimes weeks in advance! Be aware that you will not be able to decide on a whim to go and dine there

Budget & TipsBudget & Tips

To eat, do not hesitate to try the many food courts in the city, they offer a wide variety of delicious dishes at very good prices, count about S$ 10 per person, it is the most economical formula. You can make beautiful culinary discoveries and test local specialities in the different districts. You will also find a lot of restaurants that do not look like outdoor restaurants but where you can enjoy your meal at more than affordable prices, mainly in Chinatown and Little India, for a budget of about S$ 15. You can also easily eat Indian pastries on the go, freshly cut fruit, and a wide choice of fresh fruit juice and lassis for those who like it, it will only cost you a few dollars and you won't be disappointed!

If you have a larger budget, the choice is huge in terms of catering, you will have to pay on average S$50 per person, drinks not included, and wines can be very expensive. Some restaurants practice the BYOB, Bring your own bottle, where you can bring your own bottle of wine

What costs extraWhat costs extra

The service of 10% and the government tax of 7% are included in the price. Tipping is absolutely not part of the rules of life in Singapore, you might even offend them! Don't be surprised by some practices that will make you smile, in some restaurants, they bring you wet towels at the beginning of the meal, which you can hardly refuse, they will be charged to you. It's not a big deal, it may seem like a bit of a tourist attraction but don't be offended... You'll know for the next time!

The local wayThe local way

Eating... Singaporeans love it! A multitude of flavours are available to you, for the pleasure of your taste buds.

Eating a bite in a food court is a real moment of sharing with the locals, at lunch or in the evening, during a lunch break or a shopping session in a mall. All Asian specialties are available, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Indonesian and even continental! What is the difference between the food court and the hawker center? Food courts are air-conditioned, so they are in closed spaces, whereas hawker centers are open spaces, with fans.

Treat yourself to a local breakfast, varying the pleasures, with or without eggs, and test the toast spread with kaya (coconut milk jam) with a cup of kopi (local coffee). Taste the pleasure of an ihassi (yoghurt drink) in Little India accompanied by a good Indian pastry. As they get up quite early, they have lunch around 11.30 am and have a snack at 4.30 pm... Same for dinner, they are at table around 6 pm, night falls quickly!

To be avoidedTo be avoided

Everyone has their own conception of taste and travel, but don't fall into the trap many tourists fall into, i.e. don't test the local signs. It is sometimes reassuring to take refuge in a restaurant chain that has already been tested at home, but that won't bring you much... Discovering a country involves exploring local specialities! Especially since Singapore has nothing to envy in terms of hygiene in restaurants.


Children are kings in Singapore, you can take them everywhere. Extra chairs are often available and several restaurants offer a menu specially concocted for the little ones.


The rules are very strict in Singapore, it is better to respect them because the fines can be very steep... If a police officer catches you throwing a cigarette butt on the ground, the joke will cost you 500 S$. The restaurants are non-smoking but some tables are available on the terrace. When in doubt, ask. For points of interest located outdoors, smoking areas are often set up.

Tourist trapsTourist traps

As in many countries, in popular visitor areas, take the time to compare restaurants and menus, as many tend to boost their prices to take advantage of the tourist windfall. You'll be solicited by a few reps touting their menus, but nothing too bad!