Located on Isla Colón, Bocas is the "capital" of the province. A surprising title for this colourful city which only seems to come alive with the Feria del Mar in September (parades, dances...), or as the end of the year festivities and carnival approach. In the small side streets of the city, you can stroll quietly among beautiful wooden Caribbean houses on stilts, more or less colorful, more or less leaning. But in the end we don't stay in town much, there are so many things to do around here!

Tourism is now the main source of income for the inhabitants, even though the majority of establishments are run by foreigners. We will not fail to inform you, upon your arrival, of the excursions offered by the archipelago. All you have to do is climb aboard a lancha to find yourself in one of the countless surrounding islands; all you have to do is put on the flippers to admire the seabed considered to be among the most beautiful in the Caribbean; and finally, all you have to do is climb on your board to find yourself in magnificent rollers...

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