While we always look forward to the holidays, leaving home for several days or even weeks can also be a source of stress. Burglaries are still frequent and it is essential to protect your home to avoid unpleasant surprises and an early return. Today, there are reliable and practical ways to protect your home. It requires to be organized beforehand, to find the right interlocutors, but it is certain that knowing that you are going to find your house or apartment in the same state as you left it is essential to leave serenely, and enjoy!

Replace the locks or install an armoured door

To leave on holiday with peace of mind, it is essential to lock the front door of your home. However, there are several types of locks and not all of them provide the same level of protection. For example, the simple lock offers only relative security. It is suitable for doors to rooms inside the house, but much less so for the front door. Do you live in the Rhône and want to protect your home from burglary when you travel? Then you should not hesitate to seek the services ofa locksmith company in Lyon to benefit from a more suitable model. For example, it is known that the multipoint lock and the connected lock make the home more secure. The first has a number of locking points between 3 and 9 and an A2P certification whose number of points corresponds to the level of resistance and protection. The second has an electric unlocking and locking system. It can be operated remotely using a computer, tablet or smartphone. It is now part of the locks used by individuals to further secure their homes. Whatever option you choose, it is best to seek advice from a locksmith, who is best placed to determine the level of security your home needs.

The installation of an armoured door is another option. We are not always aware of it, but many burglars are experienced and know how to do everything they can to get into a house or an apartment. By soliciting an armoured door specialist in Lyon since 1994, you can offer yourself an ultimate rampart against intrusion. There is also a multitude of models and it can be perfectly adapted to the aesthetics of the house

Installing an alarm

Few households invest in an alarm system. However, it can avoid many discomforts to those who are regularly away for the holidays. The ultimate device is the wireless alarm with remote monitoring. This modern system is connected to a monitoring centre, where security guards are informed of intrusion attempts and identify the intruder. When a burglary is confirmed, the agent triggers an anti-burglary fog. At the same time, the police are alerted and come to the site.

The alarm with remote monitoring has another advantage, and not the least. It can detect fires and warn the monitoring center in case of a problem. An alert is then sent to the fire department.

Think of warning the neighbourhood

As we have seen above, there are very effective technical means to avoid burglaries when we are away. But when you live in a small town or when you are surrounded by neighbours, you should not hesitate to ask them to have a look from time to time to check that everything is going well. Especially when you are away from the main holiday periods