Located on the road to Santiago de Compostela, the village of Usson-en-Forez is on the border between Auvergne, Forez and Velay. A holiday resort perched at an altitude of 980 m, the commune extends over more than 4,750 hectares and is home to 52 hamlets scattered here and there around the village. The lake, the ecomuseum of the Monts du Forez and the many walks and mountain bike rides make this place a major asset for tourism in the Loire. The commune has published a collective work - Chronicle of a Century - which recalls the anecdotes and events of the 20th century. A rural life marked by the railway and then by the car. Testimonials on the timber, lace and strawberry industries. The market is held on Tuesday and Sunday mornings. The feast of flowers is celebrated at Pentecost.

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