Like Andrézieux-Bouthéon, located a few kilometres away, Saint-Just-Saint-Rambert is made up of two municipalities that merged in 1973. It is a bridge, built over the Loire River, which joins the two cities. On the right bank stands Saint-Just, modern, with beautiful houses overlooking the river. On the other hand, the town of Saint-Rambert has a long history. It was built around a priory founded by monks from the Abbey of Ile Barbe in the 7th century. The priory has been preserved and now houses the Museum of Civilization. Just a stone's throw away is the majestic church of St. Andrew. Dating partly from the 10th century, it has two bell towers and includes a tower on the façade, originally necessary for defence. As you continue on your way, you will come across the Chapel of Saint John, which was the first church in the village. It was used by the faithful while waiting for St. Andrew's Church to be built. The "porte Franchise", which is at the beginning of rue Montchal, is the only way to enter the priory grounds from the town, where the old narrow streets invite you to stroll. Desimiane street, Occiacum street, Forez street, Impasse-des-Fours and Colombet-Solle street, with their numerous half-timbered houses and paved roads, evoke a rich past.

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