This medieval village perched on a promontory is also called the Pearl of Forez. The market takes place there on Friday morning. The walking tour can start near the tourist office and end with the hospital, its 17th century chapel and its tapestries. Climbing up to the collegiate church, the curious will have plenty of time to observe the old houses in the Grand-Rue or the rue des Fours-Banaux. Thus, the house of the Châtelaine, which was the private mansion of the Apinac family, built in the Renaissance, or the house known as the Mandrin house, probably a former guard house where the watchmen placed at the gates of the city, who, every evening when they closed, kept watch in case of danger, were housed. Today, the residences are home to numerous workshops on the ground floor. The tradition of the craftsmen (many workers of the order of locksmiths between the 15th and 19th centuries) continues. We count Alain Bruneau as sculptor, 28, rue Dessous-des-Remparts, Roland Breton, ceramic potter, place des Fours Banaux, and Fredo Ciccio, installed in his marquetry workshop rue Chevalier (Tel) 06 82 34 37 24.

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