► Conference projection/meeting for the benefit of the Maewan association.
- Supported by the city of Grenoble -
⛵ Maewan: This is an expedition project that works to reposition man at the heart of his environment in order to answer a question: How can we live well together in a space with limited resources?
His sailboat, a nomadic operational platform, left France for seven years of expeditions from the Arctic to the Antarctic via the Pacific. It supports educational and environmental activities led by world-class sportsmen and women in France and abroad.
????♀️????♂️ The co-founders Marion Courtois and Erwan Le Lann offer you on this evening an escape around the world, which retraces more than five years of navigation between the Aber Wrac'h and Chile, via the Northwest Passage.
????⏯️ Rhythmed between videos, stories and exchange time, we will take you to the heart of the most incredible destinations we have had the chance to discover.
We will make you touch the local life and then, between the breathtaking images of extreme sports practiced, we will share with you our understanding of the world, the environmental problems encountered, the examples of communities that bring hope.
???????? An inventory of the planet as we have been discovering it on a daily basis for more than five years.
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Pay directly on the spot for your entry, subject to availability.
By buying a ticket, you are helping to support Maewan and amplify the impact of our actions.
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