Delphine Renault has a practice of in situ installation which proposes to the visitors to take the roles of spatial reference and activator of decor.
The artist develops a reflection around the point of view, the horizon line, the perspective and the landscapes. Questioning the way in which the landscape is constructed, she questions its history, its function, its use, its authenticity. Her site-specific installations are designed according to her reading of architecture and her perception of space.
For the exhibition Ciel de lit, the artist proposes a journey punctuated by moments of wandering and contemplation around the figure of the lake and the mountain, and more particularly to their artistic, tourist and popular appropriation.

Born in 1984, Delphine Renault lives and works between Paris and Geneva.

Around the exhibition
> Guided tour
Every Saturday at 2:30 pm, all audiences, 45 min, free admission.
> Visit in French Sign Language
Saturday, June 18 at 2:30 pm, all audiences, 45 min, free with registration.
> Storytelling visit :
Saturdays, June 18 and July 9 at 10 am, from 2 years old, 45 min, free with registration.
> Family workshop :
Saturday, June 25 at 10 am, from 5 years old, 1h30, on registration, 5€ per child.
> Evening workshop - Impressions
Tuesday, June 28 at 6:45 pm, 1 hour, on registration, free participation.
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