Cécile Beau develops a work of photography, sound installation, sculpture and video. Her universe mixes plants, sometimes animals and minerals. Through ingenious devices, she artificially recreates natural phenomena, opens new spaces, new landscapes. Halfway between science and creation, nature and the artificial, Cécile Beau explores seismic zones, meteor falls, miniature panchronic forests where fossil sounds rustle. She gives us a glimpse of the interior, the reverse, the hidden, the time.
In these discreet and poetic sensory experiences, the human being is absent, excluded from geological time, from vegetal time, to leave room for other stories, other perceptions.

In the exhibition Concrescere, from the Latin "to become solid", the mineral is deployed and declined in different propositions, real and chimerical. The mineral as a feeling of origins which, under the effects of water, air and chemicals, reveals and questions its temporality.

Born in 1978, Cécile Beau lives and works between Paris and Morbihan.
She graduated from the Beaux-Arts of Tarbes (2001), Marseille (2003) and Fresnoy (2008). Winner of the 2011 Prix Découverte des Amis du Palais de Tokyo, one of her pieces was acquired by the Frac Centre in 2017, Cécile Beau has participated in numerous residencies, solo and group exhibitions in France and abroad.

The edition Aoriste, her first monograph received the support of Point Commun. The book will be available in January 2022.


Around the exhibition
Guided tour
Every Saturday at 2.30 pm, all audiences, 45 min, free admission.
Family workshop:
Wednesdays 15/12 and 02/02 at 10am, from 5 years old, 1h30, 5€ per child on registration.
Storytelling visit :
Saturdays 08/01 & 22/01 at 10am, from 2 years old, 45 min, free on registration.
Ma Petite conférence philo, in partnership with the Théâtre des collines
Saturday 11 December at 10am, from 7 years old, 1h30, free on registration: 04 50 57 07 84
Visit in French Sign Language
Saturday 29 January at 2.30 pm, all audiences, 45 min, free admission.
Regards croisés in partnership with the Théâtre des Collines and the Artothèque-Bonlieu
Exhibition in resonance with the Concrescere exhibition in the hall of the Théâtre des Collines, free visit.
In January, launch of Aoriste, the artist's first monograph published with the support of Point Commun.

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