The town was first called Luzmari at the beginning of the 11th century, but it was not until a hundred years later that it became Lucemarino, a small town built around two Benedictine monasteries. In the 15th century, a large Waldensian colony settled in the village and worked the land. The Catholics were attacked and persecuted during the Wars of Religion. In April 1545, the village was set on fire by the troops of Paulin de La Garde, under the authority of the first president of the Parliament of Aix, Jean Maynier, Lord of Oppède. The massacre of the Vaudois in Luberon is written in red ink. Today, Lourmarin is one of the most visited villages in the southern Luberon. You can stroll through its narrow streets, lined with beautiful old houses and mansions; you can rest on a shady square ... It is the sweetness of life in Provence! Art lovers will be pleased, as there are many galleries and workshops in the centre. Fridays are market day, a joy to fill your basket with good products, crafts and even to dress at a mini price; bargains abound in the stands along the meadow separating you from the castle. In the center, do your shopping; the small shops where you will find what you need to wear and put on your shoes without counting some signs of designers!

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