Discreetly situated at the gateway to the Verdon and in the heart of green Provence, Varages enjoys a unique climate and offers a profusion of colours and scents. Built on a natural tufa barrier, the village dominates a landscape of holm oaks. The region, which is very clayey, is generously supplied with water by fourteen fountains as well as by the irrigation canals: the perfect combination to make pottery a major activity!
And it is indeed since the end of the 17th century that ceramics took a considerable scale here; in 1789, the village could boast 8 important factories. Today, although many have closed their doors, the famous Varages earthenware factory and three workshops still brilliantly perpetuate this 300-year-old know-how. To learn more about the history of production and the techniques of manufacture and decoration of earthenware, the museum of earthenware is also not to be missed.
Not far from the village, facing it, in the heart of the old restanques of olive trees, stands the chapel of Saint-Photin, mentioned for the first time in 1278 and renovated about ten years ago. A real bucolic rendezvous with the past and the present, with Provence and its traditions. The wall of the old keep and the church of the castrum, the present chapel, remain from this period.

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