The Vieux Moulin à Huile du Partegal estate won the Gold Medal at this year's Dubai olive oil competition! The estate won the title thanks to its Cuvée Signature lot number 5: this is an extra virgin olive oil crushed with French olives in a continuous chain. The artisans are proud of this product, which they describe as very balanced with good aromatic quality. "It is a fruity oil with a harmonious taste and aromas of raw artichoke, herbaceous and apple" they say. The Vieux Moulin à Huile du Partegal, which is located in the town of La Farlède , is no stranger to awards! Many medals have been awarded to them. To note the gold medal of the Brignoles competition or the prize of excellence of the Paris competition. The prize of Dubai has been added to the list of winners and proves the excellence of the Var olive oil