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Le restaurant La Colombe nous propose un menu de Pâques à livrer ou emporter

Even if you don't really realize it, Easter is fast approaching! You are used to celebrating, the restaurant La Colombe, in Hières takes care of everything, with its Easter Menu. The chef Pascal Bonamy offers us as always a home cooking, with local seasonal products. A tempting menu consisting of a Feuilleté of green asparagus, tender herb butter and morels as a starter; followed by a Navarin of spring lamb with basil and parmesan polenta, ...

Bientôt 3 nouvelles destinations au départ de l'aéroport de Toulon

Algiers, Oran, Bordeaux: these are the three new routes that ASL Airlines France is pleased to open from Toulon Hyères airport. It is from this summer that you can now reach these three destinations: from July 06 to September 14 for Algiers, every Friday a departure at 8am is proposed and presents 1h30 flight to the Algerian capital. For Oran it is from July 02 to September 10 that the flight will be made and for Bordeaux from July 02 to ...

Quand l'Allemagne s'intéresse au Var  

A few days ago, the ADAC Campingführer awarded a prize at one of our Var camps. This German guide identifies campsites around the world and selects its favourites to advise readers of unforgettable holidays. It's the Belt III Camping Area that managed to break the ADAC. Located in Hyères this area 80 metres from the sea has met the criteria of the German guide. Calm, recreation, space… All the qualities were required to obtain this ...