In 1997, a handful of farmers decided to move collectively towards environmentally friendly crop and livestock production: they converted their production to organic farming, and spread the word to their neighbours in a way that "who loves me follows me". Twenty years later, a beekeeper, a market gardener, three wineries and the winegrowers' cooperative, which includes many more, have been awarded the Organic Agriculture label. Today, Correns has thus become "France's First Organic Village". So, while some will reproach him for this self-proclaimed slogan, it is still true that for a town of less than 900 souls, this concentration is admirable. To celebrate this specificity, it is quite natural (and it is the case to say so!) that Correns hosts its annual Organic and Natural Festival on the third weekend of August.

On the spot, it is worth climbing to the top of the village to discover Fort Gibron, an imposing abbey castle built in the 13th century and completely restored. The church of Notre-Dame-de-Correns, built in the 18th century, houses a superb altarpiece as well as a baroque high altar in gilded wood, surmounted by a cylindrical tabernacle: a unique piece in all of Provence.

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