Top 10 summer activities in Bandol

Bandol is a perfect destination to enjoy sweet moments on the Mediterranean coast. In summer, all the ingredients are there to disconnect and recharge your batteries. The markets animate the city at different times of the week and day to fill up with good local products and indulge yourself with crafts. There is also the ideal location of the city, bordered by the sea and fine sandy beaches. You can enjoy the exceptional marine panoramas from the paths or directly on the water. The Mediterranean Sea means a beautiful seabed, to be explored at all costs during a holiday in Bandol. And then, there is the culture and those pleasant moments when the music resounds along the inevitable quai de Gaulle or when the facades are illuminated. Here are 10 activities not to be missed under any circumstances during a summer in Bandol.

1- Take a first dive

On the Mediterranean coast, the opportunity is too good not to go and marvel at the local marine fauna and flora. For this, there is nothing better than to embark on a boat piloted by a professional, to get equipped and to reach the Ile Rousse, a wonderful diving spot that can be observed from the Sentier du Littoral. Being a protected area where landing and fishing are forbidden, the conditions are ideal to explore the crystalline waters and make your first scuba diving experience! On the outskirts of Ile Rousse, the water is good, the calm is de rigueur and the underwater spectacle is unforgettable and striking

2- Take a breath of Provencal air at the market

Ah Provence and its markets, the colours that make your eyes glaze over and the good smells that whet your appetite! In Bandol, the weekly Tuesday market is a must for those who appreciate the warm atmosphere, exchanges with producers and stocking up on fruit, vegetables and local products (fresh fish, shellfish and other delicatessen products) to prepare good food. Meet on the main quay. And to fill your fridge with fresh produce every day, there is an equally lively daily market on the Place de la Mairie

3- Enjoy the beautiful sandy beaches of the city

Joining the beaches of Bandol is like making a trip to the Caribbean. Yes, all the elements are there to have the feeling of being in the tropics: fine sand, turquoise sea and palm trees. The Grand Vallat, the Plage du Casino and the Plage Centrale offer a dream setting for sunbathing with a straw hat on your head and swimming in pleasantly warm water. And what about the Rénécros beach, which is located in a remarkable cove! Visitors accompanied by their four-legged friends can also go to Dog Beach, where pets are accepted

4- Attend summer concerts

Summer is the ideal season to enjoy the fresh air, but also to live in music! Bandol combines both with Les Terrasses des Aoûtiennes. From July 22nd to August 4th, 5 stages and 5 musical groups will be on the Quai de Gaulle every evening. As you stroll along the seafront, you can stop at one terrace after another to listen to the eclectic styles of the bands. Blues, middle jazz, bossa nova, gypsy jazz, soul/funk and pop-rock, there is something for everyone and everyone enjoys these nightly moments of the Bandol entertainment program around a drink, singing and dancing

5- Explore the flora of the Var through the Sentier du Littoral

In Bandol, lovers of active holidays are not left out. And the Sentier du Littoral (Coastal Path ), which used to link the town to Saint-Cyr-sur-Mer, is constantly revealing little gems. Everyone walks at their own pace and is free to cover as many kilometres as they wish. On the way, we pass by the beautiful beaches of Bandol, before falling on a rock with an improbable shape: the submarine. Don't forget your mask and snorkel to take a refreshing break in the clear waters of the Port d'Alon cove. The walk is also perfect for observing the sea, the steep coastline, but also the beautiful local flora, including the umbrella pines that offer their shade to regain strength. The most courageous can continue to Saint-Cyr-Sur-Mer by taking the Sentier des Vignes. Coastal flora, vineyards as far as the eye can see, the stroll is also enchanting

6- Stroll along the quay and enjoy the town's night market

As the days get longer and the temperatures are mild until very late in the evening, Bandol offers its locals and visitors the opportunity to stroll along the quay to enjoy the stalls that animate the night market. A real open-air creators' market, this flagship event of the Bandol summer agenda takes place every day in summer from 7pm, and you can find paintings, ceramics, cosmetics, jewellery and other craft creations. The stroll is very pleasant to do after having dined in one of the restaurants of the city, and one finds there inevitably what to please oneself, and what to offer to its close relations

7- Take advantage of the event Les lumières de la ville

In Bandol, meet from August 9th to 18th for the second edition of the lights of the city. This route, which illuminates the city's facades, invites walkers to dive into the Mediterranean to marvel at the underwater worlds, biodiversity, its fragility and the poetry of Mare Nostrum. The light trail begins with a "sound and light" show projected on the façade of the town hall. Then, the church square will be the setting for an exceptional immersive mapping show that will take the public into the heart of the work of the famous biologist, diver and photographer Laurent Ballesta. Ballesta was Nicolas Hulot's scientific advisor for the Ushuaia Nature programme and has been on a series of expeditions around the world. Along the Quai de Gaulle, the route is punctuated by other original creations, and a second mapping is projected onto one of the facades. An event in thecultural agenda of Bandol that will amaze the whole family once the night falls

8- Take a step back and enjoy the Coastal Path... from the sea!

The Var coastline is beautiful. You can see this when you walk along the Sentier du Littoral and discover its local flora and fauna. But you can also follow the Bandolese lighthouse walk directly from the sea. How can you do this? Well, simply by kayak or paddle! So, for those who love water sports, following the Sentier du Littoral by the sea is another nice way to enjoy the magnificent coastal landscapes, made up of cliffs that fall sheer into the Mediterranean and small creeks that can only be reached by sea. A pure delight.

9- Discover the wines of Bandol

The wines of Bandol are present on the greatest gastronomic tables in the world. Quality and authenticity are two terms that perfectly describe the Bandol AOC. The richness of the land, the proximity of the sea and the more than generous sunshine of the territory have led to the elaboration of great wines since Antiquity. A climate that allows the production of wines with character, made by winegrowers who are passionate about their work. The ideal is to go and meet them in the vineyards for rich exchanges and to get supplies, an activity in Bandol that is highly appreciated by wine tourism enthusiasts. Rosé, red, white, it's up to each one to see which one will enchant his taste buds the most. The hardest part is to choose. But on holiday, you have time to make up your mind.

10- Be dazzled by a sunset on the sea

The sunset may be a great classic of the seaside, but this natural spectacle is particularly sublime in Bandol. It is always a moment which comes magnificently to close a day spent with two, with family or with friends. A peaceful moment where the sky displays its most beautiful colours with shades of pink, red and orange. To take advantage of this privileged moment, Bandol has three unavoidable spots: the Capelan beach and its pretty pebbles, the Encanet point, which has benches, and the Corniche, which remains the perfect place to see the sun set directly into the sea

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