Top 5 hidden corners of Bandol to discover on foot

Bandol is one of the jewels of the Mediterranean coast to join for a stay under the sign of disconnection and letting go. Situated in a natural setting between fine sandy beaches and hills, the town has managed to preserve the charm of the coastal village it was in the 18th century, while offering the infrastructures you would like to find to spend a pleasant stay. One likes to stroll in Bandol to contemplate its architecture, its bay, to join its port, to go to the market, but also to go in these secret places favourable to the contemplation and the relaxation. They are located inside the city as well as in its close surroundings. Discover the 5 magical places of the city to discover on foot... Because in Bandol, no matter where you are, you are always one step away from happiness.

1- La crique de l'Anglaise

Far from the crowds and the bustle of the city center, only 30 minutes walk from the port of Bandol, is the pretty cove of the English. The place offers to all those who wish it a wild decoration to put its towel in the sun on a rock, in the shade of a pine umbrella, to close the eyes then only to listen to the soft lapping of the waves. Just the path to reach it is a pure moment of happiness. This beautiful cove, which is quite narrow and therefore offers an intimate setting, consists mainly of rocks and pebbles. The sea is translucent and it is a good idea to take a mask and snorkel to contemplate the sea bed. One understands it quickly, the creek of the Englishwoman is a small paradise quickly accessible since Bandol

2- The view on the Ile Rousse

What could be more wonderful on the Mediterranean side than to put on a good pair of shoes and go for a walk along the coast? It's the perfect opportunity to take in the sights and engrave the beautiful landscapes in your memory. In Bandol, the Sentier du Littoral is a walk to be done to marvel at the marine panoramas and contemplate the diversity of the coastal flora. Just after the last residence of the city, the Sentier du Littoral reveals to the walkers one of the most beautiful views of the area: the one that pierces the pines to let appear the Ile Rousse, natural and protected jewel in Bandol. The best time to go there is early in the morning or at the end of the day, when the colours of the sun give a feeling of being out of time

3- The Auguste Maillet rise

To enjoy a city in summer, it is not to hesitate to leave the beaten tracks and to borrow these unsuspected ways which attract the glance by their colors, the forms of the buildings and the presence of vegetation. In Bandol, just behind the Tourist Office and parallel to the port, there is a magnificent alley not to be missed under any pretext. It is the Auguste Maillet rise. While walking and wondering what will be revealed to us once at the top, we enjoy a breathtaking 180° view on the port of Bandol and its many boats. What a pleasant surprise then when we discover that the climb ends with a staircase which is none other than a shortcut to reach the beach of Renecros. We then begin to dream of the moment that will follow: lazing on the fine sand or swimming in the crystal clear waters of the cove

4- The ascent of the castle

If the visit of the fort is a must during your holidays in Bandol, there is an unusual way to reach the place where the building built by Antoine Boyer in 1594 is located. Between the Corniche Bonaparte and the Place du Château is what is known as the Montée du Château, a path with small steps that is dotted with flowers from the region. As you look up, you keep an eye on the fort, but if you turn around you can see the Mediterranean Sea in the distance. The ascent of the castle is part of the historical route of Bandol. It is one of those unsuspected passages to be taken without hesitation in the town for a walk full of mystery and hidden from view

5- The rock of the submarine

On the Mediterranean coast, the cliffs and rocks sometimes take on shapes that catch the eye and arouse the imagination. By taking the Sentier de Littoral (Coastal Path), you can enjoy some of the most beautiful viewpoints on the Var coast as you walk along. At the bend in a pine forest from which you can see the impressive Bec de l'Aigle in La Ciotat in the distance, what a surprise to come across a rock whose shape is unequivocally reminiscent of a submarine! This is the name given to it by the locals, who actually call it the Galley Rock. It is a real enchantment to be able to observe it, but also the various elements of nature around. The submarine seems to be stranded on the turquoise sea, and the limestone cliffs and the green vegetation on the hills are all around. This is another beautiful moment of contemplation to share with your loved ones, and its beauty brings about many discussions.

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