Finally! Let's get the skis out of the closet and find the joy of skiing. Let's go to Vars, in the heart of the Hautes-Alpes. The ski area awaits you, with its 185 kilometers of slopes: panoramic skiing in the heart of a larch forest for a 360° skiing experience

The pleasure of putting on your skis again

The ski area of Vars, 6 sectors to discover to feel the pleasure of skiing again.

Télémix & compagnie : the crossroads of all your desires

Located on the main snow front of the resort, the Chabrières telemix takes you up to an altitude of 2,200 m either by chairlift or by cabin. At the top, it's a festival of possibilities: snowpark for beginners, blue runs to warm up, direction Chabrières to reach the highest point or direction Sainte-Marie or Peynier.

Sibières & Escondus : ski under the ridges

Here is a multi-level and playful sector for all types of skiing.

At the bottom of the Sibières chairlift, children and beginners will appreciate the carpet for their first pedagogical glides. At the top, you will experience the ski-forest.

Crévoux and Chab' / On the way to the summits

If you choose the summit of Crévoux, you are guaranteed an incomparable view of Serre-Ponçon and the resort of Crévoux on one side, and of the entire Vars valley on the other. The ideal spot for a photo break to immortalize the view.

In the extension of Crévoux, go up to the highest point of the ski area: Chabrières aka " Chab' " at 2 750 m of altitude. A 360° panorama awaits you there, along with a map of the most beautiful peaks around you.

La Mayt / It doesn't take much to be happy

In addition to being the link between Vars and Risoul, La Mayt is also the starting point of one of the nicest slopes of the domain, the Happy one. This long, not very technical descent, on a gentle slope and perfectly sunny, is ideal for fun, sliding and carving nice curves, all starting from the top of the ski area.

Peyrol & Sainte-Marie / Looking for a change in altitude

For the more athletic, try the upper and lower Olympique: 3.5 km long and 1,100 m of vertical drop, red level, these 2 successive runs require good thighs but will ensure you beautiful curves with a magnificent view of the villages

The challenge at the end of the week: to go down them in one go, without taking a single break! Will you be ready?

For the "cooler" skiers, don't panic, you have the possibility to take the blue trail version to reach the village of Sainte-Marie. This "second itinerary" will ensure you a stroll down to the bottom, through forests and mountain farms.

Peynier / Forest of sun

On the eastern side of the resort, head for Peynier and its superb larch forest, which is its main charm.

With 3 accesses by Vars-les-Claux and one access by Vars-Sainte-Marie via the new Bois Noir chairlift, your ski tour will inevitably pass by there

Peynier can be ridden in the morning in the fresh air or in the middle of the afternoon to enjoy the sun until the slopes close.

And if you enjoy the mountain without skiing?

In the casting of the movie of your vacations, the mountain has won the main role. As supporting characters, a plethora of activities will enhance its performance. Silence, engine, ACTION!

Are you a sportsman?

To stay in shape and challenge yourself without necessarily skiing, this selection of sports activities is made for you: hiking, mountaineering, white trail, fitness or even Fat Bike/VTT on snow. Surpassing yourself, having fun and immersing yourself in nature have never been so good together.

Don't forget to take care of yourself in the resort's wellness areas to recover from your efforts.

Are you a family?

The whole tribe is together for a family winter vacation: grandchildren, children, parents, grandparents: all generations are there to meet. Even Medor is part of the party.

After skiing, which everyone will have enjoyed according to their taste, level and style, share fun activities together so that you always have great anecdotes to share during family meals: a sled race won by Mom, a great snowshoe "bowl" that made everyone laugh for Dad, or the pride of a first sled ride for the teenager.

It's time to activate the "memory factory".

Looking for sensations?

You are addicted to sensations, you need your daily dose of adrenaline and you are not afraid of difficulties? Here is your "plan of attack" for a colorful stay that will make you spend all the energy you accumulated before the vacations. Snowmobiling, paragliding, rail sledding or ice climbing: beware, the wild beasts are on the loose!

Do you have children?

Snow vacations are, in the minds of children, an almost magical interlude in the year. Snow makes children and adults dream because it is so rare in some regions. So let's go and fill up on white gold, morning, noon and night, thanks to activities specially adapted to children: sled dogs, ice caves, storytelling walks, children's snowmobiles, visits to the goat farm or sledding, this is our prescription to be renewed endlessly!

Don't imagine your vacations anymore, prepare them now.

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