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10 outdoor activities to do in Vars this summer

Located in the Hautes-Alpes, the resort of Vars is surrounded by stunning nature and splendid mountain panoramas. At the gateway to the Queyras Regional Nature Park, the area is ideal for a multitude of outdoor activities. So for those who wish to live an active summer, there is no need to hesitate a second, Vars offers you unforgettable experiences, directly in contact with an exceptional natural environment. Hiking, trails, mountain biking, bivouac sessions, tree climbing, there's something for everyone, for all ages, and you're sure to let off steam while enjoying the wide open spaces and breathtaking landscapes. Here are 10 must-do outdoor activities in Vars this summer

1- Smile, you are being watched

In the mountains, silence is very often king. Don't be mistaken! You are not alone, open your eyes wide, our friends the animals are also keeping a watchful eye on you. Discover horned animals and other specimens specific to this environment with professional mountain guides who will give you an educational account of the way of life of this fascinating mountain fauna: their way of life, their adaptations to survive, their habits..

2- The big blue: 1 day, 1 lake

All the lights are yellow for your week in Vars: the weather forecast announces a storm of sunshine. So every day, there's a dose of freshness with a stroll in the direction of the high altitude lakes. There's nothing like a golden setting to go green! At Lake Napoleon, situated at an altitude of 1,987 m, trout are the empress. At the Lac des 9 couleurs, at 2,711 m, you can practice the unmissable Vars hike. The Star Lake, at 2 755 m, offers a breathtaking 360° view. You can also enjoy a trip to the Chabrières lake, at 2 210 m, possible from 7 to 77 years old, and even more or less! As for the lake of Peyrol, at 2 140 m, the place is ideal for families.

3- A front row seat at dusk: walk at sunset

Would you like to go to an open-air cinema? Rediscover a film that has been on the bill since the dawn of time: sunset in the mountains. In the main roles, you will find the great and charismatic Soleil who will see his performance sublimated by the whole of the surrounding mountains: not so secondary characters who will give all the necessary relief to the success of the film. The plot will be as important as the outcome: anecdotes about the surrounding fauna and flora and a bit of geology, all presented by the director who will be none other than your guide.

A few nibbles of what you have brought with you and we are soon at the end of the film. Always the best moment. The sun has set, taking with it a beautiful day of discovery. Don't be sad, it's time to debrief the film on the way back down with the headlamp!

4- A little help? Discover the electric ATV

To those who say that electric mountain biking is not a sport or, as some people say, "cheating", we prove the opposite! You still have to pedal! Yes, with different levels of assistance, you can play it hard or soft. Electric mountain biking is an excellent way to get yourself in the saddle or back in the saddle again and an ideal activity for several people to do sports at the same pace! You share the discipline, or even the passion, with the whole family, and what's more, you don't have to go out of your way to catch up with the others! All terrains are accessible to you and you will cross the hills "with your fingers in your nose": so push back the frontiers of your possibilities!

Don't hesitate to take advantage of a soft mode of transport to discover Vars in a different way. Finally, note that there is an itinerary dedicated to the VAE between Vars and Risoul! 17 km, for an average level and a route of about 2h30.

5- Trail not on the way

Trail running means running on uneven terrain, which makes it different from classic running... but not only: going fast... no... Going far and going beautiful on trails that allow you to discover a resourcing mountain territory, YES! Vars offers a superb playground for mountain runners. The marking of the trails? It's like the ski slopes: green, blue, red: there's something for everyone and for every style! From wide dirt roads to singles, in the forest or on the ridges, via the vast alpine meadows, the whole range of mountain landscapes is available to running adventurers. The most urban of you will discover different sensations with the ability of the body and the heart to adapt to more uneven and changing terrain. One thing is certain, you will come back!

6- Play it like Tarzan: the tree climbing courses

16 courses and 250 workshops for all levels await you for fun, trees and sensations! Among them, 3 initiation courses, 5 areas for toddlers (from 2 to 5 years old), 4 children's courses and 8 adult courses. The king of the jungle is you! One course in particular is tailor-made for the most intrepid, and it lives up to its name: the impassable! A high-flying course worthy of Ninja Warrior, with some of the most difficult obstacles. The challenge: to reach the end to deserve your nickname of "Tarzan". Nothing better to impress "Jane"!

7- Walk like never before: the Vars peaks by the Val d'Escreins

This loop hike from the Val d'Escreins (5h30) is absolutely splendid. It climbs straight up for the first part towards the Col de la Scie (2 376 m): but you will be in the middle of the forest, well protected from the sun for this climb of a little more than 2 hours. You will then reach the Col de la Coulette for the famous Vars ridges, the most aerial part. Rocks with surprising shapes. The emptiness can impress some on certain portions in balcony, but the path is not on the side of cliff. The highlights: a grandiose and varied 360° view and edelweiss meadows. Third and last part, all downhill! Before setting off again, enjoy the view of the splendid Vallon Laugier and the Val d'Escreins, your starting point.

8- Like a fish in water: Try the aquarando

Does the fish-man ring a bell? Wetsuit and neoprene socks, trainers and helmet: here is your equipment to discover the aquarando! The only condition is to know how to swim to walk in the torrent, to bathe in the pools and even to make some jumps and slides on the natural toboggans! Climb the rocks along the way, find your balance on the steep and slippery terrain, even cross a cave for a taste of caving! The ideal terrain for a family adventure. In the heart of the canyon, the cliffs on either side have an eye on you. An exceptional setting for an unmissable unusual activity.

9- In the skin of Mac Gyver : Bivouac in the forest

You were a fan of the Mac Gyver series? Do you want to live an extraordinary experience, to go beyond your limits and to get closer to nature? From July 24th to August 15th, two former military men will literally take you on a unique adventure: bivouacking in the forest. The watchwords will be to protect yourself, to signal yourself, to hydrate yourself, to heat yourself, to feed yourself and to orient yourself. All this with the help of the elements that surround you. On the program: build and set up your camp, hydrate yourself by collecting water, orient yourself thanks to the compass and the natural elements. You will also prepare to spend the night outside, under the stars, by building a plant shelter and insulating the ground. You will be the main actor of your adventure film, directed by 2 great directors who will give you all the keys to success. So, are you ready for the experience of a lifetime?

10- Vars all terrain: discover the Bike Park

What if you were to switch to all-terrain mode today? Discover the Vars Bike Park, whether you prefer downhill, cross-country or enduro, ask for the mountain bike map and ride! The mountain bike guides are there to help you discover the area and improve your technique, whatever your level. The Bike Park in short, it's three DH tracks (downhill) : green / blue / red ; six ENDURO itineraries : 1 blue / 4 red / 1 black ; three CROSS-COUNTRY itineraries : 1 green / 1 blue / 1 red and one VAE itinerary between Vars and Risoul 3,2,1 : ride !

Find all your experiences and micro-adventures on

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