Saint-Rémy-de-Provence is said to be the small capital of the Alpilles. And it's true! A city of history which has its roots in the highest antiquity, its foundations were laid in the heart of a wild and anarchic territory made of crests, valleys and rocks torn apart by the elements.
A land of legends and mysteries, one could still hear, if you listen carefully, the sounds of armour and the clash of swords of the ancient lords and knights whose ghosts still haunt this land. Unless it is the Mistral which, insinuating itself between the rocks, sings a melody reminiscent of the nobility and grandeur of this country.
A major tourist destination, the city now attracts lovers of old stones, art and good manners. Well-restored houses and mansions as well as souvenir and craft shops flourish in the heart of these narrow and winding streets, built to withstand the assaults of the Mistral, still him, while the spirit of Van Gogh still hovers in the surrounding countryside - he painted more than 150 canvases there -.
Of course, Saint-Rémy is also about gastronomy, with its countless restaurants located mainly on the outskirts of the town. Not forgetting the world-famous wine and olive oil, which again draw their sources from Romanticism. A romanticism that has left many traces, especially with the site of Glanum, dating from the 3rd century.
Did the local boy, the famous Nostradamus, foresee such a future craze for his town? Do not hesitate to ask yourself this question as you pass his birthplace.
To visit Saint-Rémy is to enter on one level into the deepest Provence, that of Mistral, Giono, and Pagnol.

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