There is a little paradise in the south-east of France, a place that offers the feeling of going far, far away, to meet superb lagoons with turquoise waters. This place is the Calanques National Park, which, from Marseille to Cassis, reveals coves and creeks of great beauty. The Calanques are fascinating not only for the colour of their waters, but also for the other natural elements that make up the landscape, made up of limestone rocks and Mediterranean vegetation. To enjoy these places that invite contemplation, wonder and, of course, swimming, visitors can choose a boat trip. To explore the creeks on board a motorboat or a catamaran is to offer a unique experience to make the most of the beauty of these corners of nature which leave a deep impression on the mind.

Discover the must-sees and secret spots by boat

There are many reasons to visit the creeks by boat during the summer months. First of all, the departure is simply from the Old Port or the Pointe Rouge in Marseille. You can choose between a morning tour or a full day tour. Then, the tour takes visitors to the must-see places of the National Park. Let's mention the Calanque de Sormiou and its large white sandy beach. It is one of the most famous creeks in Marseille and is particularly attractive to diving enthusiasts for its translucent waters, its sea bed and its underwater caves. In the Calanque de Morgiou, one must add to the colour of the sea the presence of a typical fishing port, small huts and old fishermen's shelters. The landscape is worthy of a postcard. The Calanque d'En Vau is impressive with its vertiginous cliffs. It has a small beach, but the feeling of disorientation is total. As you get closer to Cassis, the visit of the creeks by boat also allows you to stop at the superb Port-Pin Cove. You will discover a beach of sand and white pebbles, and crystal clear water where the blue sky, the white rock shaded by pine trees and the green of the forest are reflected.

The other interest of discovering the creeks that make up the landscape between Marseille and Cassis by boat is that the itinerary takes visitors as close as possible to places that are inaccessible when visiting the National Park on foot. By boat, we pass near these elements of incredible nature that are the Maïre, Jarre or Riou islands: so many natural places devoid of human life and conducive to the realization of superb photos. On the way, we also take the time to stop by the Calanque de Monasterio in the Riou archipelago, only accessible by sea. Here too, the setting and the sea bed revealed are of incredible beauty.

An itinerary of all pleasures

A visit to the creeks by boat is a timeless experience. A moment to enjoy with family or friends. By taking a seat in a motorboat, you can enjoy the comfortable seats for sunbathing, and the refrigerator for storing food and drinks. The boat trip can be done to music and the stages in the creeks include swimming and exploring the sea bed with fins, mask and snorkel. Don't forget the towed buoy option for private hire, for some fun and joyful sessions along the way.

On board the catamaran, you can enjoy ideal conditions for a sea trip, with sunbathing, a kitchen, cabins for resting and spaces for sharing meals inside and outside. In both types of boats, a sun awning allows you to take shelter when the rays are too strong, and a fresh water shower allows you to rinse off after swimming in the crystal clear waters of the calanques