In the former chapels of the Levat Convent, you will be presented with two artistic installations created by 3 resident artists of the Convent.

The vernissage will take place on September 16th from 6pm!
Exhibition from 16 to 27 September 2019
Levat Convent: 52, rue Levat, 13003 Marseille

LUCIOLE | by Roon Roon (mapping director) & Mme Pea (artist-drawer)
The drawing starts to move, it comes to life, it comes out of its frame. The video unfolds, it rediscovers its original experiences, the light and its reflection on the still image that we animate. A world opens up where the imagination becomes palpable and poetry comes alive...

MICROSCOSM'| by Madame Bamboo (paper art)
You enter a dreamlike microcosm with a fragile balance, just like our planet.
Take care of it, move around benevolently, recharge your batteries...
A nice way to communicate with the fauna and flora, to realize how magical and gentle they are!
Maybe you will find a feeling of fullness and well-being...

A photographic exhibition organized by OLAB

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