Situated in the heart of Provence, near Martigues, Istres offers a varied range of activities and landscapes. With its natural water bodies (Berre, Olivier, Entressen and Rassuen ponds), its beaches, its port, the highest water jet in France gushing out 50 meters on the Olivier pond, the beautiful panoramas offered by the Notre-Dame de Beauvoir lookouts over the city and its surroundings and those of Toti and Cascaveau on the Berre pond, Istres is certainly a city where it is good to live and stay. The old Istres seduces by its charm so typically Provencal. It is around this oval core, once surrounded by ramparts, that the city has been built over the centuries. The charming shady squares, the numerous fountains, the large avenues full of flowers and the many parks dotting the city are today the pride of the Istréens.

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