Fuveau is a charming village of 9,000 souls, perched at an altitude of 264 metres, which has managed to keep its Provencal authenticity. The village has been perched on its rocky peak for over a thousand years. It is located to the east of the Bouches-du-Rhône, 16 kilometres from Aix-en-Provence and 35 from Marseille. From the top, the panorama is exceptional. You will have a beautiful view of the Sainte-Victoire, Olympus and Aurelian and the surrounding countryside. The streets of the old village which go up will guide you to the chapel Saint-Michel and its 19th century dovecote and you will appreciate some superb old doors going up to the Peyssonels castle. You can then join the Rondet street (behind the church) where you will have superb panoramas on the chain of the Etoile and the famous Sainte-Victoire. Golf lovers will be able to discover the 18-hole golf course of the Château de l'Arc estate. You can also visit the Museum of Urban Transport which presents the history of transport through a beautiful collection of wagons, trams, locomotives and trolleybuses. The little ones will be enchanted by the unmissable "little train" tour which leaves from the SNCF train station of La Barque. The older children will appreciate the cachet of some of the wagons which date back to 1920...

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