The Italian illustrator Leonetto Cappiello has distinguished himself brilliantly in the early days of poster advertising. In 1898, he moved to Paris and collaborated with newspapers, the Imprimeries Vercasson, then with the famous publisher Devambez. His posters such as Papier à cigarettes Job, Cachou Lajaunie and Dubonnet went round the world. He devoted a large part of his work to beauty and perfumery, where he magnified the female figure with a style all his own and proposed unique compositions to perfume houses such as Luzy, Patou and Olivert-Legrain. The Musée International de la Parfumerie de Grasse is pleased to devote an exhibition to him, in a city that is dear to him and where he spent his last days. The event is an opportunity for visitors to admire his rich collection of studies and posters, very rarely presented to the public for conservation reasons. More information on the website of the museums of Grasse