From the beginning of July, flights will resume between Poitiers-Biard airport and Ajaccio-Napoléon Bonaparte airport. This is an opportunity to take a closer look at these two destinations, which hold pleasant surprises for visitors. Historic cities, bewitching nature or good local products, here is a match between two French entities which, although different, deserve to be looked at. Immediate boarding!

Urban getaway and plunge into the heart of history

Poitiers - Capital of Romanesque art. It is on the charming Piazza Charles de Gaulle that one of the jewels of the city can be discovered: the church of Notre-Dame-la-Grande. It is often the starting point for a walk in the Montierneuf and Episcopal districts where half-timbered houses, splendid mansions and major buildings such as Saint-Pierre Cathedral, the Saint-Jean Baptistery, the Sainte-Radegonde church, not forgetting the Palace of the Dukes of Aquitaine and its Salle des Pas Perdus. On the other side of the town, you can reach a stop on the road to Santiago de Compostela with the church of Saint-Hilaire-le-Grand, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, before going out into the peaceful park of Blossac. From Poitiers, you don't forget to spend some time at Futuroscope, a sensational amusement park that has made technology and image its niche.

Arriving in Ajaccio, one marvels at its ideal location, on the edge of the Mediterranean and with the mountains in the background. Walking through its old town is a feast for the eyes. Here, it is a rather 100 % Mediterranean atmosphere on the architecture side and one appreciates the colourful facades of the buildings and its monuments, including the Ajaccio cathedral and its trompe-l'oeil paintings and frescoes. In the town where Napoleon Bonaparte was born, you can also take an interest in the mythical character by visiting the National Museum of the Bonaparte House, his birthplace, then you can go to the Napoleon's cave and finally his statue, which is on the Place d'Austerlitz. Change of atmosphere in the Foreigners' quarter, so called because it was built in the 19th century by tourists who came to find the sun. Here you will discover sublime buildings and luxury hotels.

Enjoy the gastronomy

In Poitiers, you can easily discover the art of culinary living in Poitou. There is no shortage of local specialities and the restaurant owners have the art of showcasing good local produce. Walnut oil, Chabichou goat cheese, butter and melons are among the best products. And at the table, you can savour the Poitevin stuffing accompanied by an AOC wine from the Haut Poitou, before finishing with sweets, crushed Poitou, cheese cake and other Montmorillon macaroons

In Corsica, as in Ajaccio, the markets are appreciated for their atmosphere and for the products put forward by local producers. Here, cheeses and cold meats are enjoyed on a sunny terrace in front of a glass of Ajaccio AOC wine or a Pietra, an amber-coloured beer. Brocciu, Fogatellu, the choice is wide among the proposals and in the early morning, the best way to enjoy your coffee is to accompany it with a slice of local jam.

Nature from different angles

Poitiers allows you to quickly go green. Just a stone's throw from the town centre, along the banks of the Clain and the Boivre, hiking trails offer peaceful places to picnic by the water. In the Bois de Saint-Pierre, in the forest of Moulière, or in the heart of the dry valleys of Buxerolles, you can enjoy a variety of landscapes conducive to good times with your family. Some places such as the Pinail nature reserve or the ornithological reserve of Saint-Cyr even offer an educational trail to learn more about the local fauna and flora. Further north, the Grand-Châtellerault is a wonderful area for hiking. In particular, the Ligne verte, an old railway line that has been transformed into hiking and cycling trails between Châtellerault and Loudun. Picnic areas, playgrounds and botanical spots, the promise of good times in the Vienne. And for those interested, Poitiers is only 1h30 away from La Rochelle and its beaches by car.

In Corsica, we live rather to the rhythm of the sea and the relief. Ajaccio is at the gateway to Southern Corsica and its splendours. Land of hiking, we start by walking the path of the Crest to climb up to enjoy the most beautiful view of the Sanguinaires Islands. Another alternative is to climb up to Monte Gozzi, a splendid orange-coloured steep rock. The arrival reserves a surprise of size with a panorama of any beauty on the plain and the gulf of Ajaccio. And then finally, how not to talk about the Mediterranean which offers its most beautiful face in Corsica? From Ajaccio, you can rent a kayak and sail between the Sanguinaires Islands, four rocky islands of magmatic and mysterious origin. For lazing on the beach under a radiant sun, head for the Argent beach, Ruppione beach or Capo di Feno, where the landscape takes on the appearance of an exotic destination

Practical information

From : Poitiers-Biard airport - Destination : Ajaccio

Airline offering these flights : Chalair Aviation

Period: from Saturday 4 July 2020 until Saturday 12 September 2020

Frequency: every Saturday

Flight schedules :

Poitiers to Ajaccio :

- Departure from Poitiers: 13h55

- Arrival in Ajaccio : 16h10

Ajaccio towards Poitiers :

- Departure from Ajaccio: 4:50 pm

- Arrival in Poitiers: 7:05 pm

More information on the Poitiers-Biard airport website, on the Facebook page and on the Chalair company's website