With a strategic position, halfway between Paris and Bordeaux, between the castles of the Loire Valley and the Futuroscope Park, Grand Châtellerault is a territory that shelters many treasures. During the walks, the varied landscapes reveal small villages of singular beauty and a historical heritage that you must take the time to admire. Like the various watercourses that cross its land, the countryside is peaceful and conducive to rest and recreation. Urban escapades are an opportunity to discover the dynamism of the cities, from Châtellerault and its sites built since the Renaissance to La Roche-Posay, a place where those who have come to recharge their batteries in one of its many thermal baths can be welcomed. Grand Châtellerault is much more than a territory you cross, it is a territory you live in.

A getaway to nature

For a weekend or a few days, during a break on the holiday route, Grand Châtellerault brings the necessary amount of fresh air to recharge its batteries in a natural setting. The various rivers (Vienne, Gartempe, Creuse, Anglin...) have shaped the landscape, whose magnificent limestone cliffs are now an emblem of the region. They are also the starting point for water sports activities for outdoor sports enthusiasts. Those who enjoy hiking more can take the various hiking trails that lead to green forests and hills that offer exceptional panoramas where one can observe, among other things, the rooftops of villages, water points and heritage treasures. What about the Pinail nature reserve and its characteristic vegetation of the Landes, which shelters a remarkable fauna to observe both in winter and summer during organized outings. Finally, why not discover the region during an adventure on the paths of Santiago de Compostela? Two paths, the first via Cenon-sur-Vienne and the second via the Henri IV bridge, lead you to the road to Poitiers and are another way to enjoy the splendours of the territory. In particular, they are very easy and pleasant to ride by bike.

Discovering remarkable sites

If the city of Châtellerault has a formidable historical heritage to discover along the streets, we take the time to visit the Royal Arms Factory and admire the houses of the medieval period, many other sites deserve a look here and there, at the bend of country roads. Romanesque churches, castles, dungeons, Gallo-Roman ruins, lovers of history and architecture have plenty to marvel at. The Groie estate or the Château des Ormes are imposing buildings that testify to the region's interest in the heart of great characters from distant eras. As a family, the Tour-Fortress of Monthoiron is discovered through puzzles adapted to children and which reveal the secrets of the one built according to the plans of a certain Leonardo da Vinci. Many municipalities are a perfect illustration of the great religious buildings of the 11th century and are home to those called "welcoming churches", each with its own unique features. Some villages are even a fabulous journey through history as a whole. We think of Saint-Rémy-sur-Creuse and its inhabited cliffs. Since the end of the 12th century and over time, these fortified areas have been places of refuge and housing for families of hemp weavers. Today, they are explored through audio-guided tours and the site offers a magnificent view of the surrounding valley. Another major point is Angle-sur-l'Anglin. This village, classified as one of the most beautiful in France, has a low-lying town to explore in love along the banks of the river. Then we reach the upper town by the stairs and walk along the narrow and picturesque streets that lead to the ruins of the castle. Here too, one cannot escape the splendour of the view.

A lively territory all year round

Grand Châtellerault is also appreciated, because there is always something to see and do, at any time of the year. In the villages of Archigny or Availles-en-Châtellerault, people come to spend time with their families in the media libraries around books and music. The music that we also come to listen to in the many festivals with varied sounds: Jazzellerault, Mr. Haydn's holidays and the Musical Autumn. Unless you prefer the slot machines of the La Roche-Posay casino, whose programming features a large number of events for the enjoyment of the greatest. On the sports side, the infrastructures offer exceptional experiences. Quad, karting, canoeing, kayaking, cani-hiking, all these activities are the promise of unforgettable moments to share with your loved ones. And for those who love the right doses of adrenaline and get a little higher, what better way to get into a hot air balloon and head to the skies to see all the wonders of the region from above

Smart info

When? When? Many historic sites are open to the public all year round. As well as walks in the villages and in nature as in the Pinail reserve can be done at any time of the year, with an atmosphere that is suitable for each season. Outdoor sports activities are recommended from spring until late fall.

Getting there. Grand Châtellerault is located a little over 300 kilometres from Paris. Take the A10 motorway (exit 26 towards Châtellerault-Centre/La Roche-Posay).

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Duration. From a quick stopover to a more complete stay, we leave with ideas full of ideas and the desire to come back. It is up to each person to establish a program of visits and activities and determine the number of days necessary to get the most out of them. Guest rooms, collective accommodation, outdoor accommodation, hotels, rentals, there are many solutions for accommodation.

Public. A pleasant territory, green and rich in interesting sites, Grand Châtellerault will seduce all types of travellers from 7 to 77 years old. Visits to many sites are suitable for children and there is no age limit to marvel at nature and architecture.

The pluses. The pass card allows you to benefit from discounts and free access to many partner sites.

Peaceful territory where you can enjoy in peace and quiet and where you can share good times with family or friends.

An astonishing natural, architectural and industrial heritage, between the castles of the Loire Valley and Futuroscope, one of France's most popular leisure parks.

A preserved territory far from the crowds of the Atlantic coast.

Authentic and surprising encounters.

Useful. To prepare your escapade as well as possible.

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