Parthenay was created from the finger of the fairy Mélusine. City of Art and History, it is built on a rocky spur overlooking the Thouet. You can admire its ramparts over three kilometres, the remains of the castle, the Tour du Châtelet, the Tour d'Harcourt and the Bastille Richemont. We pass the Saint-Jacques gate which has guarded the entrance to the old town since the 13th century, a fine example of military architecture with its two polygonal towers topped with machicolations and battlements framing the cradle gate. We stop in front of the church of Saint-Pierre in Parthenay-le-vieux, built in the 12th century in the purest Romanesque style of Poitou, and in front of half-timbered houses dating from the 14th and 15th centuries. Finally, do not hesitate to visit the Georges Turpin museum.

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