The first handwritten traces of the name Bressuire date from the year 1029, at the time it was called Berzoriacum or Bercorium. Its history is then fully associated with that of its first lords, the Beaumont family, who owned the barony of Bressuire from the 11th to the 15th century. Under their impulse, the city develops and even becomes an important drapery city. The city walls were completed at the end of the 13th century. Passed under the English yoke during the Hundred Years' War, Du Guesclin blasted the enemy of the city of Deux-Sevriennes in 1370. A new period of prosperity sets in, but soon to be undermined by the Wars of Religion. Until the Revolution its population will continue to decrease. As early as 1792, the town experienced the first insurrection of the premises of what would later be called the Vendée Wars, which began the following year. On May 3, 1793, Bressuire was taken by royalist insurgents, before being completely burnt down by the infernal Column of Grignon on March 14, 1794. After this heavy toll, the city and its country are gradually recovering and are becoming a centre for livestock breeding and food industries. Although the two world conflicts of the 20th century were hard felt, the city has been developing steadily since 1950.

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