Bassinius was a wealthy Gallo-Roman landowner. It is around his estate, between hillside and marsh, at the crossroads of the Aunis and Poitou rivers, that the village of Bessines developed, overhanging on its side, the ancient Gulf of Pictons. Pilgrims travelling the Way of Saint James of Compostela will discover its Romanesque church, but also its three ports located at the entrance to the Marais Poitevin. Did you know that Jean Richard was born there? The famous commissioner Maigret was born in 1921 in the manor of La Pierre Levée, now private property, dating from the 15th century. Installed on the commune's water network, the curious will find astonishing the little green men, 86 cm high and spitting water through every body orifice. The work is signed by Fabrice Hybert, an internationally renowned artist, who wanted to underline the link between the market gardener and the Marais Poitevin.

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