From one city to another with Pass'Partout 17

Pass'Partout 17 is a transport ticket based on the concept of the Parisian Carte Orange. It allows you to travel freely throughout the department using several means of transport - they can be combined: TER train, coaches, buses, electric shuttles, ferry, sea buses and bicycles. Pass'Partout 17 includes: the urban networks of the La Rochelle, Saintes, Rochefort and Ile de Ré conurbation community, the La Rochelle-Royan - 51 -, Rochefort-Saintes - 60 - and La Rochelle-Surgères interurban lines. Not forgetting the departmental network of the SNCF. This unique ticket operates in the vehicles of the bus or coach companies RTCR, Océcars, Kéolis Littoral, Aunis Saintonge, Buss à Saintes, Citram Poitou-Charentes and Ré Bus. Pass'Partout 17 offers unlimited use for a set period of time - one trip, one day, 10 trips, one week or one month - between one and several destinations divided into 13 fare zones. As a result, travelling between the Ile de Ré and Royan is very simple and, what's more, it's up to 30% cheaper.

Where to buy Pass'Partout 17?

RTCR Place de Verdun - LA ROCHELLE Tél 05 46 34 02 22 - OCECARS Place de Verdun - LA ROCHELLE Tél 05 46 00 95 15 - REBUS 36, avenue Charles-De-Gaulle - SAINT-MARTIN-DE-RE Tél 05 46 09 20 15 - KEOLIS LITTORAL. Information also available from the SYNDICAT MIXED TRADE UNION OF THE COMMUNITY TARIFF IN CHARENTE-MARITIME Tel 05 46 50 48 05. Site: - e-mail: [email protected] and

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