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Cristina Castaing: a new wave of home travel agencies " Cap Mondéos Conseils ".

To be able to practice one's profession at home, some dream of it, others fear the consequences. Cristina took up the challenge. 15 years of experience in travel agencies, transformed into expert advice to her clients at home. A well-considered choice! In her house in Nieul-sur-Mer, Cristina's office looks like a real travel agency: fax, telephones, tour operator brochures, travel pouches, computers for airlines and tour operators. Her customers contact her by phone or e-mail and the exchanges are engaged: advice, documentation, reservations. Since her installation, Cristina has discovered a luxury: time. The emphasis is indeed placed on the quality of the research, the availability. She does not hesitate to visit her clients and even organize small meetings when it comes to groups of friends or associations. It is a real tailor-made service, and let's emphasize it, for the same rates as in a traditional travel agency. And, even if some may be disconcerted by the concept at first, the quality of service offered, the real relationship of trust established with the client and the time saved quickly make him forget the lack of a showcase.

Information from Cristina Castaing - Cap Mondéos Conseil - 08 75 64 60 37/06 70 46 49 34. E-mail: [email protected],

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