Halfway between Saint-Jean-de-Luz and Spain, the 5,000 hectares of Urruña are bordered by a wild ledge that marvellously dominates the ocean for 6 km, and by the Pyrenees, offering the proximity of the Rhune (900 m) and the Ibardin Pass (317 m), to which can be added the Mount of Calvary (275 m) and 170 km of marked trails, ready for hiking; on foot or by mountain bike. And this is of course the Basque name for this village, which is both rural and residential, which knows how to maintain its cultural customs, and he is right! Former capital of the Labourd, its strategic location between Paris and Madrid has earned it the support of wars and invasions; on its coat of arms, the lily is moreover juxtaposed to the lion, in reference to the annexation of Charles VII in 1451, alongside the emblem of the masters of Urtubie. The centre of the town is surrounded by neighbourhoods, especially Béhobie and part of Socoa, then also the Croix des Bouquets, Olhette, Herboure...

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