Wherever you come from, you can see from afar the amazing citadel, its ramparts and watchtowers over the marshes. In the past the site of Brouage was covered twice a day by the tide. Located near the Brouage channel, this ancient port now emerges from an ocean of salt pastures interlaced with small winding roads that soften the geometric organization of the former salt marshes. This stronghold built in a star shape was then, several centuries ago, on the shore of the Atlantic. It was founded in 1555 by Jacques de Pons on an old ballast deposit, with the sole aim of providing a port for the Gulf of Saintonge, a major exporter of salt, for trade with the northern countries. Richelieu, governor of the city, had the 2 km of ramparts built. The strategic position of Brouage quickly earned it the status of European salt capital, a royal city, housing weapons and supplies for the navy. Today Brouage is a tourist attraction. It is listed among the Most Beautiful Villages of France and is part of the network of Villages of stones and water. The village comes out of its winter torpor as soon as the weather is fine and invites you to go back in time while strolling through this ancient port in the middle of preserved nature.

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