The great south of Soule! And a sense of the end of the world. Perched at an altitude of 630 m, in a grandiose and wild setting, the village of Sainte-Engrâce (192 inhabitants) remains one of the most picturesque (and most legendary) in the Basque Country, just a short distance from the neighbouring Baretous Béarnais. A shepherds' hamlet, it is also a stopover for pilgrims in the Middle Ages between the two sides of the mountain. Home for everyone too. To discover this village, you must first go through the church, this massive building solidly attached to the cliff (collegiate church in 1083). Twice burnt, first by the English and then during the Revolution, it is today a jewel of Romanesque art (3 cradle aisles, pyramidal pillars, apses, magnificent capitals...), not forgetting the discoid stelae in the cemetery. It is also, for lovers of hiking, discover a dream panorama, accompanied by vultures and other Egyptian vultures on the canyon route (6 hours rather difficult) to the Ehujarre Gorges. In the same spirit, in the fantastic world of the canyons of the Haute Soule, the Kakuetta Gorge offers visitors one of the most prestigious sites in Europe with cliff walls 250 m high and a particularly narrow passage (5 m) called "Grand Étroit" giving full measure of the smallness of man. Footbridges, stairs, balcony paths, etc., perfectly secured (bar and ticket office at the Bar des Gorges, from 15 March to 15 November).

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