The Baigorry Valley and the Aldudes Valley, which are inseparable, have a common past. It would seem that they were humanized from the prehistoric period since dolmens and cromlechs have been found near the transhumance tracks, suggesting a pastoral population. Later, in the Gallo-Roman period, an important activity was to develop there, as the Roman mines of Banca and Urepel, as well as the Roman camp and the Roman road seem to attest. An industrial past, therefore, until the 18th century. This valley also bears the mark of the d'Etchauz family who reigned for five centuries, leaving a castle, still known today for its architecture. Another vestige of history is the Land of Quint, a neutral enclave between France and Spain, forming an undivided territory that gave rise to the villages of Banca, the Aldudes and Urepel in the 17th century, settlements that caused a great deal of swell... until the treaties of Bayonne in the 19th century. Today the canton comprises eleven villages.

Between France and Spain, the country of Quint

The creation of this country of Quint has led to special legislation between the two countries. The inhabitants of the Baigorry Valley have exclusive use of the pastures in the Land of Quint (Kintao) and France pays a certain amount annually as compensation to the Spanish valleys of Batzan and Erro. Towards the end of May, in Urepel, the herds of cows from Baigorry are marked with the VF logo with a red iron before their departure. In the same spirit, families who are attached to the municipality of Urepel, living there and enjoying special status, pay their taxes to Spain and the parents receive family allowances in France. Another peculiarity of Kintao.

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