In cities, some buildings are destined to be destroyed as part of new urban projects. In Abbeville, the building located at n°1 of the rue des Tilleuls and dating from the late 1950s will disappear next September. But in the meantime, the public can visit this low-cost building comprising 20 apartments to admire works of Street Art, the work of 75 French and foreign artists. This project was born from the will of Yann Colignon, director of the 80100 Skatepark in Abbeville, who wished to offer to the district an ephemeral space of creation. On the facades, the walls of the dwellings etc. in the staircases, we discover various atmospheres with a forest at dusk, marine backgrounds or an installation with mirrors on the floor and ceiling. The result is superb and this beautiful adventure will be the subject of a book, when some pieces of the building will be exhibited at the Boucher-de-Perthes museum inAbbeville. More information on the Baie de Somme Tourist Office website