In the heart of the province of Labourd and its natural beauties, the village of Itxassou deserves attention! Thanks to its geographical situation, it has an exceptional environment created by the river which crosses it (the Nive) and by the collar of mountains or pre-mountains which parent it: the Artzamendi (926 metres) on the Itxassou side and the Baigura (897 metres) on the Louhossoa and Bidarray sides. When you arrive in the Basque Country, Itxassou is one of the first names you remember, likening it to the black cherry jam that tourists are quick to taste on the slice of sheep. The latter is still unaware that this small town is located in the middle of the Nive valley (Errobi in Basque) a few kilometres from the town of Cambo-les-Bains and less than thirty kilometres from the coast. No, Itxassou does not only have famous cherry trees (however if you can choose the season, from the end of March, thousands of fruit trees are in bloom) it also has a legend, tenacious, popular hidden in a rock. A destination of choice for those who love walking, mountain bike trails or horseback riding.

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