Planète sauvage is a wildlife park that delights visitors who can observe from their car many animals that do not hesitate to approach: giraffes, lions and other white rhinos. Other universes are proposed, the Chemin de Brousse, the Sentier des Incas and the Cité Marine, where one has the pleasure of seeing dolphins swimming and jumping. In March, the park had to close due to containment. Despite this, the caretakers continued to maintain the park and take good care of the animals. With the lifting of the confinement, the park team near Nantes is pleased to announce that it has obtained a prefectoral agreement to reopen the park to visitors. However, sanitary measures will have to be respected: tickets must be purchased in advance on the internet and on site, hands must be washed, social distancing must be maintained, animals must not be touched or fed and restaurants will offer take-away formulas. For the moment, the island of the little squirrel monkeys of the Inca Trail will not be accessible and the underwater gallery at the Cité Marine will not be open. More information on the Planète Sauvage website