The HAB Galerie, a place of the Voyage à Nantes dedicated to contemporary art and located on the main island of the city, proposes an exhibition through which Bertrand Dezoteux tries to answer the following question: is tourism an art? The public discovers the singular universe of the artist and is invited to live various travel experiences. He explores various worlds: real, imaginary, hybrid, through creations where paintings, drawings, films, photos and sculptures are intertwined. The films Zootrope (2019) and Harmonie (2018 and 2021) presented in the exhibition will be the main threads of the representations and figures deployed in the space. For let us not forget that if the universes imagined by the artist are born in painting and drawing, they find their finality in 3D animation films. An original exhibition to be discovered early next year in Nantes. More information on the website of the HAB Galerie