The exhibition "La vie souterraine" highlights the work of a man of infinite modesty and talent who remained discreet until his death: Henri Samouilov. The Galerie des Oubliés will present a set of dry pastels on paper as well as a series of oils on canvas dating from 1980-1990.

Henri Samouilov's pastels are the representation of an underground world inhabited by the artist himself. They allow us a slow and tortuous progression in his universe, a deep and nebulous universe, made of galleries and burrows, an imaginary world where he liked to take refuge so much. Inside the sinuous and colourful nooks and crannies, all forms of life cohabit freely. Animals happily take root in the earthy corridors. Vegetation grows, green, without light or oxygen and shells grow in the earth. Samuilov is more than at ease in this chimerical atmosphere where he breathes better.
As for the oil paintings, they present a more structured urban universe whose figurative compositions are subtly tinged with surrealism. Populated with undulating characters or a tangle of caravans, Henri Samouilov's paintings give us melancholic atmospheres in rather muted tones. Through his eyes, the most banal scenes of everyday life take on a sometimes disturbing and tormented but always poetic dimension, thus revealing his deepest wanderings and inner wanderings.

Henri Samouilov has remained all his life outside the official paths. Protected from the demands of the market and fashion, his work has remained deeply personal. Without trying to please or sell, in a total and honest truth, he left behind him an immensely touching, inventive and profound artistic production.
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